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The Remote CEO Builds Online Reputation To Seal Deals

Ayoconnect's CEO Jakob Rost joined Sven Milder from The Startup Chef on the newest weekly episode of Founders Tribe podcast.

The 60-minute podcast immediately jumps right into the juicy topic; how COVID-19 has affected Ayoconnect. As for safety precautions of COVID-19, shifting to work-from-home lifestyle is what every business has to adjust to when it comes to how they run the business. Getting into the seventh month, Jacob finds this culture already becomes the normal lifestyle for his team.

“There was already some sort of remoteness in Ayoconnect’s DNA since we had 2 headquarter: in Jakarta, Indonesia, and in Pune, India. Online meeting, townhall gathering, morning report by Zoom, and Google Meet is part of our culture before the COVID break lose. Now, the focus is on how we as a team working from all over Indonesia and India can level up this organization by using more advanced online tools”.

Jacob also encouraged his team of having the ambition to be the leader in the space during this time.

“One of our OKR is to become the best remote organization in Indonesia. And by having this in vision, while I think everyone is counting their days to go back into the office, we do the next step by accelerating that process and making the most of it”.

Despite the current world situation, as the company whose product and the whole network are digitilized, Ayoconnect had a great year.

“Everybody starts using online payment nowadays. We suddenly got approached by inbound requests from companies that have their KPIs transformed into the digital processes, payments, and transactions. So we actually accelerate really great”.

Jacob also shares his interesting view when being asked about the online authority of a business that can be additional confidence and trust for potential investors.

“Earning someone’s trust by having a good reputation is crucial to have for B2B startup or company. For me, it’s more like people to people business rather than business to business."

“I think most of the Ayoconnect clients like to be connected with our network because they like us as people. Each of the little touchpoints coming from all of our team: C-Levels, managers, staff, and so on — adds to the overall reputation”, he later adds.

Check out the full podcast to hear about what Jacob had to say about his thought on social media and how it impacts generations and more on the link down below: