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Maintaining Organization Productivity As A Global Remote Startup

Being a remote organization requires innovative approaches to ensure that employees still have satisfactory working conditions. Along with that, companies also need to find ways to sustain their employees’ productivity. What strategies can companies implement to maintain both the satisfaction and productivity of their remote employees? Are Indonesian companies ready to embark on this new journey permanently?

On Wednesday (17/3), Ayoconnect in collaboration with Mekari held a webinar to shed light on initiatives, tools, and values that remote and hybrid companies have implemented in their organization. Themed Maintaining Organization Productivity As A Global Remote Startup, the webinar was led by Alex Jatra (CFO Ayoconnect) and Suwandi Soh (CEO Mekari) as keynote speakers with Ricky Surya Putra (Head of Talent Acquisition Mekari) as the moderator.

Ayoconnect is a B2B fintech startup that provides bill payment solutions through its Open Bill Network. Initially, the company had two headquarters in Pune and Jakarta before they decided to become a global remote company in early 2020. To this day, Ayoconnect has employed more than a hundred members from three time zones, two countries with a 40% female employee ratio. Marking its first anniversary to work remotely, Ayoconnect’s efforts in utilizing tech-enabled productivity tools and implementing inclusive initiatives have resulted in an 8.2 out of 10 employee satisfaction score.

During the webinar, Alex introduced several initiatives that Ayoconnect has implemented for the team. “Ayoconnect has always been built by team members who work from two countries since its humble beginning, so remote working has already been at our core. In a way, our situation has made us more prepared to transition into a fully remote company, even ahead of the pandemic. To improve our productivity and employee engagement even further, we’re driving several initiatives such as Ayocare and Ayolearn, ” said Alex.

“Ayocare is a set of programs circling in physical and mental wellness. The initiative has four programs; Ayofit, Ayopeace, Ayohealth, and the newest is Ayocare Hotline where our members can book a private and confidential consultation session with trained psychologists, free of charge. Any Ayoconnect employees are also allowed to buy books about self-development on their birthday month and have the purchases of these books reimbursed,” explained Alex.

In addition, Ayoconnect also provides a chance for their team members to enroll in online courses free of charge.

Similarly, Mekari has also had teams who work from different cities and countries prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. He admitted that changing a company's culture drastically can be challenging, but the transition to becoming an organization with a fully remote or a hybrid work arrangement can begin with a piloting stage.

“For example, companies can start by allowing employees to work from home for one or a couple of days a week, or implementing the transition to a small team first. From here on, the company can evaluate what works best for their organization,” he suggested.

When being asked about the future of remote working in Indonesia, Suwandi answered, “Regardless of the remote working, the pandemic has proven that it is crucial for every company to really adjust themselves with tech-enabled solutions to help the company grow more quickly and be more efficient.”

The webinar presentation material is available for you to access here: