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How Ayoconnect integrates and manages 3000+ digital products through one API

Indonesia's diverse population, moderate financial inclusion rate, and multiple categories of digital products have resulted in a rich but complex financial ecosystem within the country. What are the roles of APIs in solving challenges faced by businesses in the ecosystem?

On Thursday, 22 April 2021, Ayoconnect's CTO Adi Vora took the Connecting the Finance Stack stage at apidays Live Singapore. Apidays is the leading industry tech and business series of conferences in APIs and the programmable economy.

During the session, he shared his insights and experience on building Indonesia's first API-driven bill network and also highlighting the current challenges faced by Indonesia’s bill payment ecosystem.

“Indonesia has a fragmented geography with 50% of the population categorized as unbanked society and yet payment for recurring bills contributes up to 80.7% of the total non-food monthly expenditure of Indonesia’s urban and rural population," said Adi.

Ayoconnect is a Fintech API platform that drives growth for businesses across all sectors through innovative API-driven products. Driven by the mission to advance Indonesia’s digital economy through technology, Ayoconnect builds a bundle of API-based solutions that reduce friction and provide the necessary rails and infrastructure for companies to connect with other services and financial institutions.

Adi continued, "We tackle the complexity by ensuring that our system can automatically detect product disruptions and we have a robust network that is able to handle different connections and security. We also employ a cloud agnostic distributed architecture that focuses on stability and scale and equipped with disaster recovery mechanism."

Click the link below to download our presentation deck at apidays Live Singapore.