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Ayoconnect at apidays Live Jakarta

Payment for recurring bills contributes up to 80.7% of the total non-food monthly expenditure of Indonesia’s urban and rural population. With a total population of 270M, Indonesia's bill payment market is an industry worth USD 170 billion.

The figure reflects a tremendous opportunity for businesses to grow their revenue and increase their customer retention by providing a bill payment solution for their customers that is safe, convenient, and easy to use. However, the convoluted network between bill providers, bill aggregators, financial services providers, and retail companies has resulted in a disintegrated system that disconnects bill providers, consumer-facing platforms, and end customers.

How might Open API help all stakeholders within the bill payment ecosystem collaborate with one another more efficiently?

On Wednesday, 24 February 2021, our CEO Jakob Rost took the Technical Stage of apidays Jakarta. In the session, he shared our experience of how we helped our clients accelerate their user acquisition while improving their customer retention through integrated bill payment features powered by our API. Click the button below to download our presentation deck.