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Ayoconnect's Autobilling API has enabled Bank Mandiri to improve our credit card products' stickiness. Implementing Ayoconnect's Autobilling API in Mandiri Powerbill has grown our sales volume by 19% and transaction count by 23% within a year.

Noorman Andrianto • Bank Mandiri

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Access nationwide online and offline payment points

Enable your customers to pay for recurring bills through millions of payment points in retail store chains, kiosks, agents, and users of digital wallet and e-commerce platforms across Indonesia through our API

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Automate recurring bill payment transctions

Manage and automate recurring bill payments of internet and cable tv subscriptions, insurance premium, and utility bills

Receivable API


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Build and launch bill payment features in your platform within weeks

Integrate 4,000+ embedded finance products from 24 categories to your platform more quickly and seamlessly

Digital Products API

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